Organize Your Way to Wealth

The Keys to Building Smarter Business, Stronger Families, and Better Communities

James Smith, has developed a total management system that allows community organizations and families find and locate the proper resources to build communities and families. Our goal is to come alongside and give these organizations the strategies and resources to empower the parents within them to rebuild their lives and the lives of their children.After many years of helping families live successful lives, I realized one thing in common: helping families live meaningful, abundant lives and controlling their environment. And the key to controlling their environment was managing key areas that affect their families. Discover areas like finance, mental and physical wellness, leadership, personal development, business, education, family and community relationships, and spiritual journey.


I realized families did not lack the resources they needed; they could not manage their available resources. And the key to managing the resources is organization. So, I wrote this book to help you organize your family environment.

James A Smith Jr.

This book is a step-by-step plan to help you build a plan to manage your life in 10 different areas. I want to share the story of 2 people I know who managed their financial lives differently.

 The first person was a technology professional who made over six figures for over 20 years. The tech professional did not manage his life properly and ended up in debt, bad credit, and no money in the bank. 

The second person was a blue-collar worker that made 1/6 of the salary the tech professional made. The blue-collar worker manages his life properly and ends up with two houses, no debt, and hundreds of dollars in the bank. 

The difference between the two was one had a plan, and the other did not. Which one are you? If you need a way to control your life, then this book is for you.

Mr. Mark D. Kennerly

Faith Based Media and Content

Ms. Amy Ellis

Physical and Mental Wellness

Mr. James A. Smith Jr.

Senior Family Life Consultant

Mr. Carlo Puller

Family Business Development

Ms. Marie Smith

Family Education

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