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We Need Your Support
Help us to Build our Families and Our Communities
Become a Part of the Solution
Donate your Time or Share your Business

Family Relationshps

Building Family Unity by Helping Families to work together as one. 

Family Businesses

Helping helping families turn their gifts and abilities into family businesses. 

Family Wellness

Showing Families how to manage their mental and physical health. 

Family Finances

Helping families manage their finances for generations to come. 

Featured Causes

Families are under attack. They are worried about safety, resources, and health. Family relationships are broken and many people feel alone. 

We at FamilyTYMS understand the problem and have the solution many families need.

Join us and to help strengthen our families and communities.                           

Help Educate Family Managers

Rised: $15000

Our Causes


Charity Activity of The Year – Training over 1000 Family Managers

Over the years of having family solve their most pressing problems, we realized one thing is common. We realize families do not Have a lack of resources available to them, they lack the understanding of how to manage the resources available to them. This is where our family managers come in. They are created to
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Provide Education and Support to Heads of Households

We understand how hard it is for her to households. To manage their families. Heads of households or HOHs are responsible for the care and well-being of their families. An HoH can be single, married, foster parent, sibling, or mentor who has the responsibility to make sure everyone who is in their care and wellbeing
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Front Runner

Click here to Buy This Book Bruce Smith Show You How to Be the Leader the World Needs Effective leadership is a product of selflessness and sacrifice. I wrote this book to help leaders become better. Where you are just starting your journey, or you be on this course for a decade or more, after
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Organize Your Way to Wealth

The Keys to Building Smarter Business, Stronger Families, and Better Communities James Smith, has developed a total management system that allows community organizations and families find and locate the proper resources to build communities and families. Our goal is to come alongside and give these organizations the strategies and resources to empower the parents within
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If My People .. A Feature Film By Mark D. Kennerly

Coming to a Theater Near You Log Line “Yet forty days and America will be overthrown.” A pastor receives and delivers this message via a video that goes viral; America responds and discovers that the roads to racial reconciliation meet at the cross. Summary 2020 has proven to be one of the most challenging years
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Family Development Department Heads

Mr. Mark D. Kennerly

Faith Based Media and Content

Ms. Amy Ellis

Physical and Mental Wellness

Mr. James A. Smith Jr.

Senior Family Life Consultant

Mr. Carlo Puller

Family Business Development

Ms. Marie Smith

Family Education

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